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  • new player aka noob

    so i recently just started this game, and kinda get the joist of things, build towns, marble is your key etc. but what i cant fathom is that a 80k player would waste his time on me, i have less than 600 points, my resources are safe in the warehouse and the player is sending 1200 troops? very confused how i am pillage worthy i literally just came out of godly protection. such is life of a war game :') ;(
  • i did some research on ikariam wiki (couldnt understand the symbol but get its now 'occupy and block harbour' and asked the guys sending mass amounts of troops, and they are occupying me to get to phx since they are on my island. im just sad i lost my army i built ready to go to the barbarian village
  • dark lord , mmmm u what here img for the game or for the pic lol .

    some player do that but they message u and say they will send resource for all the trouble they have do for u.

    i hope that is the case here .

    but if not if his pillaging from ur town that mean u will get 10% of all the resource that he will get .

    so it's a win win .

    NO one cared WHO i was ..... Until i put on the MASK
    Z eternal ally.