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  • General Information:

    What are you suggesting?
    An option to take a loan/give a loan(in gold), either using trading post or maybe a new building like Treasury. You would also be able to set the interest rate and time to pay the gold back. When someone takes a loan from you, he will obtain the gold immediately. Then you will get a part of the loan back every hour. That would be shown as an increase in your gold income and decrease in his gold income. The risk of this trade would be that if the player owing you golf goes completely bankrupt, you would have to wait until he obtain gold to pay it back.
    (Optionally there could be a possibility to take a loan in building resources).

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    I don't think it would change gameplay seriously, but I think it would make the game more diverse.

    Suggestion Reason:
    It would help new players to grow faster (for example by being able to buy more resources or trading ships). Also it would help heavily pillaged players to get out of unfavorable situation faster.

    Special Notes:
  • This suggestion is to be rejected as it comes under Dead End Ideas -

    Hopla wrote:

    The list of dead end ideas:

    Anything that suggests getting Premium features for free
    Users that get Ikariam Plus are paying for those features. That money goes towards the upkeep of the servers, so in essence they are paying for the bit of extra space taken up for them to have such features. If you want to have these features you should have to pay for them just as the rest have.

    There is a premium feature where you can purchase Gold Packages:
    Resource Delivery: Gold (Massive, Large, Normal, Small and Tiny)

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