Eumonia This site can’t be reached HELP!

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  • Eumonia This site can’t be reached HELP!

    I just played normally and at one point I could not do *snip*with my game so I refreshed my browser and from that point on I get the following message :
    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

    Anyone knows what's happening ?

    liamse22, :)

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  • All sites work, as you can see I'm replying without problem and I tried I can log in into other ikariam world like seems like gameforge close the connection on this server at their side, even tried other pc's and restarting my router and modem.. could be a ban or suspension or something ?


    I even tried to make an account on on another would and boom it WORKS!

    I just can't log into my account on eumonia!

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  • Ok so I resolved the issue so an moderator can lock this and leave if someone has the same problem:

    So the problem occurred as more computers from the same ip adress were using the same server (s32) at the same time. The server was thinking it was spam and placed the
    MAC address of my router on a so call "BAND LIST" or black list if you will which could be removed by the staff of course but ... yeah..

    However going to my router MAC configuration and changing any number in the MAC address did the magic! 8)