Let spies move among foreign towns

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  • This is something I always want so, Yes.

    There is some suggestion for problem pointed out.

    For Interface:
    By adding a button in Hide out named "Relocate" or something to open new window like spy mission window, but with a input for coordination and instead of mission list it show list of towns in island at inputted location.

    For stocking spies:
    I think if spies are away from home for too long they would not like to travel anywhere else except home. So by adding homesickness counter, with indicate time passed since they left home and after some time passed (ie. 7-10 days) they will refuse to relocate, only mission are available as Return is one of mission.
  • I voted yes, but if this was to be implemented, the mission "return" would have to become a 100% success rate. The reason for this is that in the current system, in order to move to a new city, your spy must return first. If moving on becomes it's own mission, then you would be effectively skipping this mission (effectively 100% recall success), so any spies that are returned home should also be given this instant success.

    As a provision, I would also expect that for each additional city a spy (or group of spies) moves onto, the success chance should decrease by a small margin. (reputation precedes you)

    Raider Philosophy: "I steal stuff to build more ships to steal stuff with. Wood doesn't grow on trees"
  • I voted yes for this feature simply because it would make life easier for me, effectively increasing my military power.
    However I do think this feature has it's flaws, and not because you can camp inactive cities on other players islands, since this would be completely pointless. No, this becomes a balancing problem in terms of chasing a fleet battle as it progresses. I personally believe the most powerfull mission in the spies repetoir is the: "Observe fleet and troop movement". This allows you to chase down your opponent as long as you have a spy in the given town, which also means that if you can just send your spies along it would become more or less impossible to run away.

    Not that I'd mind. It's a buff for me. But I believe it is worth considering before thinking about implementation.