New unit: Cavalry

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  • New unit: Cavalry

    Do you like this suggestion? 19
      Yes (10) 53%
      No (9) 47%
    General Information:

    What are you suggesting?
    New unit:
    (Light infantry*)

    HP : 80
    Armour : 0
    Damage (spear) : 25
    Accuracy : 80%
    Speed : 80
    Size : 2
    Cargo size : 10

    Cost: 1citizen, 1horse**, 200 wood, 250sulfur
    Upkeep : 10gold/hour

    Our horsemen are fearless warriors assaulting from flanks to chop down clueless enemies. But these elite horses need only the best stabling and lots of grapes*** to eat.

    * I know cavalry is not infantry, but it just fits that way in Ikariam.

    ** Horse would be a special resource obtained from stable. Stable would be common for towns on one Island. To keep cavalry from being OP, there would be a limit of horses you can own per town depending on the level of the stable. You would also have to Feed horses with "wine" :D .

    *** Horses probably do not like grapes a lot, but c'mon, this is Ikariam and wine is what makes our horses so strong ;) .

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    It would be surely quite important change, so I'll rather let other to say their opinions.

    Suggestion Reason:
    Cavalry is what miss me in Ikariam almost since I started playing. It would make army really complete.

    Special Notes:
    I would make limits on horses quite low, so they could not really replace swordmen.

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  • im quite sure i saw sth similar somewhere before, anyways.

    where will the cavalry be positioned in the field ? does it have its own new role in battle? if yes then plz explain and if not then there is no need for this to be implemented.
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  • K1Netic wrote:

    im quite sure i saw sth similar somewhere before, anyways.

    where will the cavalry be positioned in the field ? does it have its own new role in battle? if yes then plz explain and if not then there is no need for this to be implemented.
    It will be positioned in flanks.
    But it isn't just a "stronger swordman".
    It is very unique because you are limited by the number of horses you can posses depending on lvl of the stable.
    Stable is common for players on one Island (just as Quarry or Saw mill). Thanks to that, gaps of military power between bigger and smaller players would be lowered by a tiny amount (like really tiny :)).
    A highly leveled stable would only allow you to posses like 100-120 horses, so they couldn't totally replace swordman, just add some deadly momentum to the battle.

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  • Hey, I know! Let's add in Chariots and ( as an enhancement ) Steam Chariots too. Make them Scythed if you research that. Super-powered attacks! Before the flanks get a chance to engage, the center has already collapsed and the opposing forces are routed and fleeing for their lives. Double the scatter time.

    Also Sappers and ( as an enhancement ) Tunneling Machines to bypass the Town Wall for when you absolutely want to force a fight on a smaller battlefield.

    How about Chemical warfare attacks? Finally, a real use for the Alchemist Tower ...

    Maybe a Town Well that you can level up? When battles take place, the winner ( loser? ) can throw a specific number ( based on level ) of opposing troops in there, which forevermore limits the absolute total the opponent(s) can build.

    No from me.

    ( But maybe I'm just in a pissy mood after seeing a string of these suggestions... )
  • I keep expecting to see the announcement of more steam equipment - airships, mobile land units, railways, cargo ships, research opportunities - Steampunk Ikariam! Maybe we'll get it for an April Fools Day thing some year? ( The Research Advisor is already dressed for the part. )

    And, now I'm thinking on the more sparely populated worlds, in a forgotten corner, Cthulhu Arises! Armies of the shambling undead, elemental magic is loosed, the weather goes wild, .... Now, all of the (few) players must strive together to defeat the forces of chaotic evil!

    And, unsurprisingly, the priests of the faux Greek pantheon prove absolutely ineffective. It requires science and thaumaturgical research, my friends. Quests and expeditions must be mounted to explore the far corners of the world to recover and use forgotten, powerful arcane devices.

    So that's what the abandoned ruins and forgotten temples are for? ... The more you know, and all that.
  • I'm not voting either way, but just two issues I notice with your suggestion from a technical standpoint.

    1: Having horses as part of the building cost. That's adding a new currency and I highly doubt the developers would add an entirely new currency just to create one new unit. That's a significant overhaul for a "minor" change. I'd much more recommend just adjusting the wood-sulfur price.

    2: Wanting wine as part of a cavalry's (or rather the horse's) maintenance. Currently unit maintenance is all gold. This gets taken from a communal pile that's contributed to by all cities and useable everywhere. Wine is a normal resource produced in a certain town and kept in a certain town. So when it came to maintenance, there is no communal pile to draw from. it would have to come from a certain city which then means that you need a "supply line" of sorts which can get really iffy when it comes to having units outside your own city. And while you might think it'd be easy to just take the wine from the city the units are set to go to if they retreat, keep in mind people will often make that city to go back to a floater if they're fighting away from their normal cities. Floaters don't usually have a lot of wine so that creates an issue. And if just horses in storage have the maintenance, no other resource has maintenance so again it'd be an overhaul.

    So those are issues I see for your suggestion being implemented even before we get into the quality of the suggestion of itself and whether or not it is liked.

    @nemenku, Cthulhu Arises might not be too far fetched actually. A while ago the CoMa of the .us domain had a "Letter from the developers" where he mentioned an idea they want to work towards is the possibility of random server-wide events like earthquakes.

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    Dammit, this thing dies darned slowly.

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  • overall like the concept but agree there are flawed points. high level towns take a lot of wine to supply if you don't use a reduction so adding in wines for the horses would be a big issue for most people because they would need more wine towns. i cant say i like the limited number thing, i would want thousands and on a large scale it all changes. on 100kgen scale that's not gonna work well they would be obsolete. i do like concepts of new units though spice it up
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  • Hopla wrote:

    Once a suggestion is approved, it gets 90 days to be discussed. If your idea is very well received by the Ikariam community and players feels it is merited, then it will be moved to the Reported Suggestions forum. For a suggestion to get into the Reported section, the suggestion must receive more than 80% upvotes, minimum 12 out of 15 votes, after 90 days of being active.

    90 Days + have passed unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions. Therefore, I am going to have to reject this suggestion.

    Thank you for your contributions. :)

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