Pillaging section in highscores

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  • Pillaging section in highscores

    Do you like this suggestion? 9
      Yes (2) 22%
      No (7) 78%
    General Information:

    What are you suggesting?
    A section of highscores where you would see points of an average account pillaged by a player in last month.
    It would be reset to 0 once a month.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    It wouldn't change much regarding interface etc. But would help to make a better picture about certain player.
    Suggestion Reason:
    This change would actually be an indirect way to protect new players from being pillaged by big players.
    By looking at player's pillaging score, you could determine if he is a "coward" attacking low players or not.
    Also alliances could look up for this score to decide if they want to accepted that player.
    So in a way, it would be a kind of Hall of shame.

    Special Notes:
    -Occupation would not count as everyone need sometimes to occupy a small city for a surprise attack etc.

    -pillages of inactive wouldn't count either as that would have no value (Anyone can pillage 10 000 000 inactive player).

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  • Ehm... what's the sense of this idea?

    Will I be a coward if I pillage some smaller players who are just trying to drop down the level of miracles or let enemies occupy their towns? Can't see much sense here.

    P.S. About the score - in which moment they will be checked - when attacking or in the moment when the highscore is opened?
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  • A no from me as well.
    With such suggestion you want to take away an option to attack opponent without stationing troops in a specific town.
    Playing against heavy opponents - one mistake will cost you a lot.
    Example, 2 enemies - mister A and mister B. Mister A drops a mobile town with own multi-account on my island, mister B occupies it with his own troops to attack me. You leave me only one option to avoid "coward" list in order to clean out my own island but I wouldn't take it. If I send out my troops with mission "Occupy", then units will camp in that multi's town after successful operation. Then the owner would/will abandon it and my troops would scatter. With mission "Pillage" they wouldn't stay there and both Misters wouldn't have a chance to scatter my units.
    And this is only one example, there are many others.
  • Hopla wrote:

    Once a suggestion is approved, it gets 90 days to be discussed. If your idea is very well received by the Ikariam community and players feels it is merited, then it will be moved to the Reported Suggestions forum. For a suggestion to get into the Reported section, the suggestion must receive more than 80% upvotes, minimum 12 out of 15 votes, after 90 days of being active.

    90 Days + have passed unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions. Therefore, I am going to have to reject this suggestion.

    Thank you for your contributions. :)

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