End strategy

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  • End strategy

    Question for the experienced players.

    Currently have 11 towns and a mobile.

    I have 4 wine towns that technically produce more than enough wine for my needs. However I seem to be spending a lot of my time just transporting wine. Towns are thirsty even with wine reducers due to the size of the population.

    I have seen players that build only on wine islands, use premium trader to convert wine into resources that they need. I really see the merit in this strategy.

    What do other bigger players do to first satisfy their wine needs AND marble / wood needs?
  • I have 12 towns. My Town Halls are Lvl 33-34, with 2500-2900 citizens each.
    My Museums are Lvl 16 and I try to keep the CT count up.
    I have Lvl 32 Tavern and Lvl 32 Wine Press in most of the towns.

    I only have two wine towns, and have never had to worry about wine.
    The Vineyard is Lvl 32.

    I have seven marble towns, with a Lvl 36 Quarry and Lvl 39 Forest.
    Marble and wood are needed for most buildings. Wine, crystal, and sulphur ... not so much.
  • I have 12 towns with 4 Wine towns (and 4 Marble, 2 Crystal, 2 Sulphur) on my Beta account. My TH levels are 33-35 for 4300 to 5000 inhabitants. I don't use wine reducers yet. I have level 20/21 Museums, level 42+ Taverns, and am in the process of maxxing Economic Future. I also use Democracy

    But don't worry about not filling your Town Halls: they still provide extra Action Points and raise the Garrison Limit.
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  • I have 10 towns lvl 37 TH lvl 45 taverns, lvl 19 museums, only 3 wine towns and 2 mobiles. With piracy I had no issues with wine...just when I demolished the wine reducers and finshed building 4th warehouse for more rewards in piracy they cut the rewards (isn't it ironic...don't you think...). Now i have to pillage lots to fill the towns with wine. My strategy is to finish all building that can be done without double storage/use of ambro...which is comming soon and then wait for next server merge where I plan to put all me towns on wine (hope they move everyone to new miracle setting servers).

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