Breaking the wall

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  • Breaking the wall

    I've found an inactive player with literally TONS of resources in his towns. His army consists of only 1 spearman but he has wall lvl40. Town Hall is lvl25 so you can fit 30mortars on the battlefield.
    How long would it take to breach the wall?

    In another town, his wall is lvl45 8| , is it even worth attacking?
    (I have fully upgraded mortars).

    Thanks for answer.

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  • It will take you two rounds, round one to breach (knockout one wall section) , round two to kill the spearman (who fills in the open wall slot). If slingers are present you will have to destroy the entire wall before you can engage those units. I use spearmen to pillage instead of Hoplites cheaper and faster to recruit. Yes your mortars will defeat a level 45 wall, just be sure to send enough units to account for the increased loses.
    <3 Ratna
  • It will take you more than 2 rounds, level 40 or 45 wall can be broken using mortar but it will take you more than 2 rounds, about more than 4 rounds I think and depends on type units you use to attack. Make sure you send full row on the first/front line, second and third. The player is inactive, you can try it to see how many rounds without worry the player will attack you back.

  • I do not send long range (2nd row) units unless there will be significant front line defenders; however I forgot to mention sending cooks for as svensongazero pointed out level 40+ walls may take more than one round to breach and you don not want to lose morale too quickly.
    <3 Ratna