Premium/extra building slot

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  • Premium/extra building slot

    Do you like this suggestion? 41
      Yes (32) 78%
      No (9) 22%
    General Information: As new buildings were introduced into the game there have become ever increasing competition for building slots. There are certain buildings you must have in all towns in order to progress through the game eg Tavern, Museum, Carpenters workshop, Architects office, Dump, Warehouse, palace (GR). That's half of your building slots taken up with must have buildings, arguably the further through the game you go a firework test area, wine cellar and an extra warehouse are also required limiting you more. If you just include the first 7 as compulsory you then have 14 other possible buildings to choose from and only 7 slots left to put them in. This is dramatically limiting players choices in the game and becoming very frustrating as buildings get knocked down to be replaced as you progress.

    What are you suggesting? Make an extra building slot available in all towns either requiring "x" number of resources to activate or as an ambrosia purchase.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? Extra slot required in town view, no mayor game mechanic adjustments required.

    Suggestion Reason: Give players more choice in their towns and promote more variety in the game instead of all players having the same buildings.

    Special Notes: I haven't thought about any costings for this idea. If it was to require resources it could be something that only becomes affordable once players head into 7 figures on the scores? This will be a nice bonus and help with player retention in the game at this stage as it gives something new. Alternatively have it as a paid for feature, I believe a lot of people, myself included, would be happy to pay for extra slots providing the price was sensible.

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  • LOVE IT. Ive been playing for many years and when they have introduced new building spaces i feel like the game got more entertaining, You could do much more then before and had way more possibilities. i find myself often looking at towns going should i get this building or this building as last? and i think to myself if only i could have more spaces. Actually i resorted to destroying academy's in some towns since Ive hit up to future everything, this has been a costly move though because now i cant research at a very quick rate. . i think its a good idea and would bring some more fun to the game. I really like the idea of a high score achievement of unlocking a new space at 1million. i think it definitely would motivate me to build faster and more. an ambro section would not be bad either i definitely would invest in that.
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  • im having that issue now. ripping down hours of work to fit in more suitable buildings, having to sacrifice things i need. an extra building slot would be brilliant and i like the idea of making it either a premium buy or an achievement.

    i certainly back this idea and i believe most will to.

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  • I agree with everything except the idea that you might pay for this added bonus with ambrosia. It would be such a significant advantage for players who have the ability to spend ambrosia that it could cripple players who can't. Otherwise, this is a great idea.
  • King Elessar wrote:

    I agree with everything except the idea that you might pay for this added bonus with ambrosia. It would be such a significant advantage for players who have the ability to spend ambrosia that it could cripple players who can't. Otherwise, this is a great idea.
    It's the same sa with Helios tower, production boosters etc. I agree with you, but I'm afraid GF won't be willing to implement such thing without ambro :/
  • Only one place in the town?
    Million resources is a way too less - it should cost not less than 10 or 20 millions (or even more, since big players gain more than a million from the mines daily).

    And in the end - Ikariam is a strategy game and you need to plan your town, and decide - which building you can and which you can't build.
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  • I dislike the idea. It's a strategy and you have to strategically plan your towns.

    Nothing wrong in having to sacrifice some buildings to build others, but putting another product on the ambrosia market without being accessible by other players isn't the way I'd go for it.

    If it's an achievement reward, I'm ok with it, otherwise for a paid building slot that could give a lot of bonus... Nah.
  • I think its a very good idea, how ever I would have to agree with some of the people it should cost tons of resources, but to make it profitable for GF maybe add an option to buy it with ambro or mined resources. Also might be a good idea to make it cost more depending on how many you got. Like first one should be build in your capital and cost 500k of each resource, next one you can build in one of your colonies, but costs 1 mil and so on and so fort increasing with each town. It will make you have to plan ahead in which town you need more spaces more badly. Like for people looking to max research and already having all Academies/Dump/GRs maxed they need option only in Crystal production town for research.

    Also might be a good idea that the extra slot can be land or sea(depending on your choice) so people doing a lot of fighting can chose to make another shipyard. Will add more strategy to the game.