• Alliance Intro

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    Hello all

    We are currently accepting applications to SLAPAHO SQUAD. We are a fun war based alliance that is looking to set its footprints in Gaia . We come from many servers with myself coming from IOTA ,PHO and DEMENTER.

    Having lead the alliance "Empire" to a 42 - 1 war record against only alliances that were bigger than ourselves.I now bring this to here. I also enjoy training new players as well so all are welcome to apply !!

    Hope to hear from you or SLAPPING your pixel army around on the battlefield....
  • Slapaho an alliance so easy to get into they are hos themselves. but guys if you didnt think they was easy enough to get into, dont worry theres a slapaho 2.

    man hos now-a-days. differently get around. when are you all going to start slapping yourselves?