Epsilon Ny Zeta

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    • Epsilon Ny Zeta

      Hey Folks

      I used to play on these 3 Servers afew years back

      I was looking to get back into playing this and was just seeing if anyone form these 3 servers are still playing this game that i may remember

      FH :D

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      Warrior of BRO-GUN ... Sig By Me
      My - Retired
      Lambda - Retired
      Kappa - Retired

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    • Me, Bushido, ForceVacation, and the rest of Dump play on Beta now. ETTA also moved to Beta and are still running strong. IEX and RIP moved to Beta as well but RIP is down to just 1 member and IEX has lost all of their active vocal members. El Cid moved to Alpha and is still there. That is about all I know of that are still around from Epsilon.