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    • Hi Folks

      Havint played this game in a long time

      Just after looking through some of the new worlds treads and everything seems very quiet and peaceful

      When i played you would be guaranted nearly 20 to 30 threads active in each world on the boards

      Do people even still War ?

      Is there a point of coming back to this game or has it slowly died from to many worlds been created in the past instead of trying to repopulate older worlds ?

      Warrior of BRO-GUN ... Sig By Me
      My - Retired
      Lambda - Retired
      Kappa - Retired
    • There are still fighting going on in worlds, and still in-game wars. The bashing-rule no longer applies, so there are not needed (but can be fun) to declare war on the forum.

      The worlds still hang around, some are more active than others, some areas are more active than others.