Better military and espionage

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  • Better military and espionage

    General Information:

    This aims to make war a little bit more exciting, this allows players to retreat specific troops from the battlefield and decide what goes on the frontline first, also it will help with the spies, where spies can recruit informants for further missions

    What are you suggesting?

    I am suggesting multiple thing

    1. Traps that can be made from the workshop, sea mines, land mines sulphur for burning trenches, decoy woods for the flanks to hide behind.

    2. Mythincal creatures that can be called from the gods, perhaps a kraken that can help our ships free a port, or a huge gargoyle that will lower the morale of all opposing units, a chimera to destroy enemy gyros and baloons.

    3. A unit that can be produced from the barracks called a mechanic that heals Steam giants, Gyros morts and all mechanical troops.

    4. Spies can recruit informants that can act as decoys or infrom us of big noticible things going on with the city, like Huge unit transports, rebelous people, satisfaction things like that. They will be paid with gold every hour and will be dismissed automatically of the spy leaves or the city liberated from hostile forces

    5. Barbarian mercenaires that can be recruited for a huge sum of gold to harass enemied or help with the battles, or defend the city in desprate times

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    It will change everything, the entire war system that has been around for ages will be renewed

    Suggestion Reason:

    Ikariam's servers are becomming boring with wars becomming fewer and fewer. Players will have to explore the new war system and try things out

    Special Notes:

    Improvements can br made by other players if they sre reasonsble
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  • Unfortunately I am going to have decline this suggestion with the following reason:

    Hopla wrote:

    • Too much in one suggestion: If too much is tried to be posted at once, it confuses people into knowing what they are actually voting on. Thus there's a limit to only one idea per thread.

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