Some problem with IP Sharing

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    • Some problem with IP Sharing

      General Data

      Browser (+full version data):

      Account Data (in Options ingame)
      Server/World: Eunomia
      Player-ID: 26512
      InGame Name: Galaxy

      Other/Further Information: I have 3 accounts on this sever and I contacted the IP Sharing. Today, when I wanna trade with Sleeping Dragon, I saw some problem with IP sharing. ?(

      Screenshot (if any):
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    • The IP-share agreement will disable the option to interact with same player from two of your accounts. This is to prevent you from e.g. attacking same player from several accounts.

      So when you get that error in-game, it means that one of you accounts is already interacting with the player. This can be a troop, transport, fleet, spy etc.
    • Can you explain more clearly? or an example.

      My main account just attacked 5 acctive accounts when I began to play this game and one time defence island but I don't attack his town. I always attack (i) accounts.
      My clone (my clone don't attack, spy,... anyone) They just were attacked by others.
      The frist clone 8K5 total point.
      The second clone 932 total point.
      They can't do anything ???