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  • Hi I'm playing on the server Gaia. ive had a couple of attacks now which have been 25 seconds quicker then they should be.

    for example my enemys troops are arriving at a town at 16:15. I send my attack at 16:15:02 so I arrive just after but he doesn't have time to run.

    HOWEVER, I am arriving at 16:14:40. ever though its a 15 min journey!

    twice this has happened to me!!!! making me lose out on big attacks!

    anyone else had this?????
  • Seriously need an answer on this as in 4 hours he will come back I need to know what timings I'm doing.

    I literally gave this guy 13k loot so it gave him a 30 min loading time so I could time my attack. and then boom screwed over by another ikariam bug.