Breachers, bombs and gyros

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  • The more waves you have, the more strategical moves you can do.
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  • Padraig wrote:

    Should they be in there own wave so that you can pull them back after breaching is done? Im concerned in long battles if my bombs will get killed off.

    breachers - should always be in separate wave. knocked their wall down? pull them out, they done their job. especially if you have mortars under threat cos dead mortars = lots of juicy points on the CR for enemy. also, mortars have an ammo count of 3 so waving is needed if fights are long.

    balloon bombers - 100% ALWAYS in separate wave. like the mortar, they have low ammo too with 2 shots and dead balloons = juicy points on CR for enemy.

    gyros - I suggest you do wave them separately. a little trick you could do. let's say there is an inactive town with like 5 balloons and some army. you send in like 50 spearmen and 30 gyros (making the numbers up) so pretty much suicide the spearmen in to kill the balloons. now your mortars have zero threat and can pew pew the wall.

    hope this helps, mate!

    ***i'm a returning and it's been a while since I played, so any incorrect info please call it out.***