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  • The New World

    well things seem quite right now and just thought I would throw a rock in the water and see what happens.

    How are you enjoying yourself in Hades?
    What Levels are your mills/Lux?
    How many towns have you got so far?
    Are you close to colonizing again?
    What type of player are you?
    What are your plans in Hades?
    What other worlds have you played in?

    Just trying to get to know others in the world.
  • You should have talked about yourself on your first post I think :P

    It's So far so good :)
    Around 12-13 mills 8-9 luxury
    4 towns
    Rather develop a bit more on my towns
    I'd say I'm a moody type of player :) if you know what I mean
    My plan is to enjoy the game with my friends!
    On En I played and still playing on charon (gave a long break there tho and returned last month), then hanged around in demeter for awhile, now here. However on TR or some other regions I've played on various servers since 2010-2011

    And it’s too late,
    To regret the mistakes we made,
    To remember all the words we say.
    Nothing will ever be the same...
  • yeah you are probably right...

    Well here is mine now lol.

    Doing good although I just acquired my third town due to me focusing on donating since not many others were donating.
    My highest mill is 10 and my highest luxury is 5
    I have 3 towns as I said.
    Just got my 3rd so no not yet
    I am more of a builder at this point but I am building into a military play those miracles are important.
    I have started an alliance (PRIME) and my plan is to grow it to become one of the top alliances on Hades.
    I played on the US servers mostly Beta and Gamma then had a break and ended up coming back when Rho was released and after a year and a half ended up leaving due to lack of time to devote to playing. Now that I have the time I decided I would make my return here on the EN server Hades to try something new.
  • Well - I think I'll try this too...

    • How are you enjoying yourself in Hades?
      • Good - making lots of new acquaintances and enjoying a fresh start.

    • What Levels are your mills/Lux?
      • mills / lux are 7 / 3. Not very high, but I'm working on it.

    • How many towns have you got so far?
      • 3 towns (one forgotten city of The Ancients, one Mi-Go infested Dark Place in far orbit and one fallen city, lost to the Pride on the Humans)

    • Are you close to colonizing again?
      • Not really (just finished the govenors place in the third city, so I'll have to build a steady income there before expanding again) - but I will as soon as I'm ready. I need that fourth lux.

    • What type of player are you?
      • I play for fun. That means I'm all in for diplomacy, but will also go to war if I'm asked. I'll try and keep a civil tone though, even in war times. I'm not here to hurt anyone (but simply to destroy humanity altogether :whistling: ).

    • What are your plans in Hades?
      • My plan was to start over, and become - well - great. If that's not going to happen, I'll have fun instead. As my name on this server suggests, I'll try and be more active military-wise, than I have been on other servers. Lets see how that goes...

    • What other worlds have you played in?
      • I have an account on Eunomia (Clism), where I'm currently on vacation mode. When I got settled there, the game started to get a little boring, so I thought I'd try something new. I also played back in 2010 (maybe - I can't remember), but then I had to finish my studies and get a job and then Life happened. I still have the job...