Need some info related to sea battles

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  • Need some info related to sea battles

    Hello guys, I was wondering if there is a spreatsheet or picture or guide that shows you how many speeds you need in order to last lets say at least 10 rounds in a battle.
    I've been away from this game for awhile, I remember all the land battle tactics and still have spreadsheets related to land but wanna mostly focus on navy.

    I was wondering if there is a very detailed guide related to navy.

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  • It's simple :D

    In help section, choose ships and select the speeds. According to this, the ammunition lasts for 5 rounds, but it doesn't say how many speeds. In order to find that out, simply choose a large town to get the largest battlefield and fill in the slots. You'll know when you fill 2much, the rest will be in reserve section of the battlefield. Anyway, to answer your question, 30 speeds last for 5 rounds. If you want to increase the rounds, just multiply with the number.

    I'm suprised that no one bothered to answer you, but I guess they're 2lazy. However Quartz is right, you need to have enough balloon carriers to last for 10 rounds, otherwise the speeds will be attacked.

    Hope this helps :)