Can't recall my ships from port ocupation

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    • Can't recall my ships from port ocupation

      Says my armed forces are still in town and they have to be moved to another town. I have nothing going on at the moment except for a few ships occupying this guys port. How do I bring them back. They won't pull out.
    • I dont understand the problem here,
      If your ships are in someone else's town and its port is blocked, you need to liberate that town's port to be able to move your units,
      if you are talking about your land units, same thing, either that town's port needs to liberated or you need to occupy another town there and move your land units from the new town you occupied

      And it’s too late,
      To regret the mistakes we made,
      To remember all the words we say.
      Nothing will ever be the same...
    • IBlackRose the guy said he is occupying the port, not that the port is occupied by somebody else.. By that your logic makes 0 sense.

      I'm having the same problem, I have occupied somebodies port, and want to give it up. Clicked give up port and was then told 'I have to move troops to another town'. I thought I moved the troops out of the port and then tried to give the port up again and was then told 'Cannot give up port when troops are on a mission'.

      Not sure on what's going on here, I used to play this game some time ago and removing troops from the port was so much simpler.
    • Sorted it out, click on the village drop down box (under highscore and next to the shop), select the occupied port, go to map and click on either:
      One of your villages
      A village who's port you control

      And then select 'station fleets' send all the troops from that port over to your village.
      Then if you wish to give up the port occupation, wait until your troops have arrived and have been successfully stationed at the new village/port then click the military tab, scroll down to occupied ports, under the action column click the flag and you shall give the port back to the owner.

      I originally clicked on defend port instead of station fleets which gave me the confusion.
    • If you occupy a port, and try to remove that occupation on your palace, it won't work of course because you need to move your ships back to your town or somewhere else first.
      My logic might makes 0 sense but the way he asks also doesnt make sense. He even answered his own question by saying it asks me to move my ships to another place.

      And it’s too late,
      To regret the mistakes we made,
      To remember all the words we say.
      Nothing will ever be the same...