Put a cool-down on vacation mode

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    • Put a cool-down on vacation mode

      Do you like this suggestion? 21
        Yes (10) 48%
        No (11) 52%
      General Information:

      Just as there is a cool-down once you've entered Vacation Mode, so there should be a cool-down on going back into vacation mode.

      What are you suggesting?

      Right now, you can't exit Vacation Mode for 2 days. I'd like to see a minimum post-vacation time of 1 week before you can go back into Vacation Mode.

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

      The Vacation Mode button will behave similarly to Miracle activation buttons, with the cool-down time being displayed when appropriate.

      Suggestion Reason:

      This will help address the issue of Generals banks.

      Special Notes:

      Note that unlike the Miracles, the cool-down timer starts when you leave Vacation Mode, not when you enter it.
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    • Nobody has power to limit anyone's rights to activate vacation mode whenever he/she wants due the personal or other reasons.

      I've seen this idea several times and it was rejected at the very begin.
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    • Just speaking from experience, I've personally had to take a vacation twice within a week. Could be a weekend away camping for 3 days starting friday and then froday I take ill / relative ill so I take another to spend time elsewhere.

      I don't believe restricting vacation mode is a good idea. Especially a week after the vacation ends, a lot of time for something to come up. Especially as it would include the weekends.
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    • A variant of this was suggested a couple of years ago to have a 7 day post vmode cooldown on Black Market sales

      The vote had well over 100 respondents and ratio of Yes to No at around 12:1 or better

      I'm voting Yes to this one as well. Anything that levels the playing field so we don't have to fight alliances with a squillion generals score in vmode to back them up is a good thing
    • i can see both sides to this - unfortunately features on Ikaraim are abused - especially when it comes to general scores - i voted for the 7 day limit after coming back from v-mode to sell troops and ships. i vote yes for this with one condition - after a player comes back from v-mode and the 7 day timer starts if they go back to v-mode anytime within the 7 day limit they are allowed to go v-mode but they still have to pay for their army and navy costs until the original 7 day limit is reached. this condition and the 7 day limit on selling troops will curtail the abusive use of huge general scores that can't be reasonably maintained.

      so its either use your army, pay for it, or dismiss it.
      so if a player goes into vmode today then no cost to troops
      player comes back on the third day then goes v-mode - the timer will still run for 4 more days with costs for army and ships
      player comes back again 3 days later and goes v-mode - the second timer is still active and will run for 4 days
      player comes back 3 days later but does not go v-mode then the 7 day limit on selling troops and ships kicks in

      so anytime the player comes back from v-mode the 7 day limit on selling troops and ships kicks in and if the player goes v-mode anytime within the 7 day v-mode limit - the timer continues on costs for troops and ships while the most recent v-mode time is active.

      i think you understand the mechanics so a player can go v-mode anytime but it may cost you. same thing when you are in a battle and go-vmode, your troops don't scatter the battle will continue.