What am i to do?

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  • What am i to do?

    So ive been playing for two weeks now on my mobile as my PC broke and has been sent off to be repaired. Been playing for about a month and i can not progress, i have people attack me everday with 500+ forces im both of my towns and i do not have the resources to compete.
    Some info about me should help:
    • 1 wine island and 1 glass island
    • Around level 7-8 holds
    • I already find it hard to get hold of marble or sulfer other than buying it.
    • I haven't got a enouth population to have a upkeep to hold a strong enouth army to hold people off
    • Im not sure if alliences work on mobile atleast can't seem it to work on my mobile
    I enjoy the games progression, and how you have to gather stuff also the management system and I like interacting with others.
    What am I to do because it feels like capitalist bs squishing the littles guys for a small profit. Im starting to think i should quit because playing a game should be enjoyable not frustrating.

    Any advice would be appriciated

    Peaces, Solitude Hades 55,59 ( I'm happy to add people as friends)
  • You need to use your browser instead of the mobile application to get full features and get your computer quickly repaired. The mobile app is meant for a limited time while you're out to do routine tasks as transferring resources and such. With daily activity and quickly upgrading warehouses, and growing army you will push attackers away and don't forget to have a marble city which is the most important to progress.
    PHRO Founder

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