Competition Sotw #1

  • SoTW Comp

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  • Competition Sotw #1

    Welcome everyone to the first sotw in 2018

    It`s SOTW time.

    All you have to do is, make a signature.

    1. Wonders of the World
    2. James Bond
    You can chose only one theme

    Max dimensions:
    200 x 500 / 500 x 200
    400 x 150/ 150 x 400 and 100 kb

    You can apply for SOTW with only 1 theme,
    but for SOTW to begin it will require minimum of 3 submissions.

    You can apply till Friday 20:00 (in-game time)

    Winner of competition will get a special prize!
    Good luck to everybody!

    Please send your entries by a board PM to Atina.
    Theme for this week was given by - -empty-