What to build in place of carpenter and architect

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    • What to build in place of carpenter and architect

      I have some towns where i have maxed out the buildings, not to the full max with the ambro double storage. I do not plan to ever do that..a lvl 45 wall is as good for me as lvl 48 and I don't want to spend ambro on that...so I was wondering since building is done it will be better to use the spots of carpenter and architect for something else, more useful...but i need some advice on what would be a good building to put...consider in mind I will have to build it without architect or carpenter or both...
      In my towns i got 4x warehouses, a dump, museum, tavern, academy, hideout, temple and barracks. What else should i build?! Sea charts everywhere?! Forrester's to up my donations?! ?( :huh:

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    • Winepress and Forester - you can try selling or converting the wood
      Or instead of the Forester, the building which increases the luxury good production for whichever type of island the town is on.

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    • sea chart one thing for sure. if you are looking for increase your total score then forester. since its costly so it'll give you more points. otherwise wine press.

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