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    • noob asks question


      hi! if i create a mix of rocket ship, submarine, paddle speedboat, balloon carrier and tender, can the enemy fleet attack them? i am thinking of producing some of them first and then the others next. is it a good idea? what is your suggestion? thanks.

      edit: currently not sure if i should create them because rocket ship and submarine has hulls and it's kinda confusing me. hulls = will fight to the front line, right? or not?
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      Your ship will not fight and scatter. To start a fight you need first, second line ships or flank ships.

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      ok thanks. i created paddle and tender and they scattered when i was attacked.

      assuming i wont have a problem with gold, munition and number of units, is it advisable to always go for mortars instead of catapult? i assume mortars will always win in terms of damage.

      how about rocket vs subs? is it advisable to field rockets to kill fires/sr even though the enemy and i have fielded paddlesb and bc? bassically i want to always win damge %. is it possible? we are about to go to war and i am kinda scared, nervous and excited. thanks.

      is it the same logic for mortars vs catapult in land?