Steam Giant VS Hoplite

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    • Steam Giant VS Hoplite

      hey guys
      as the title says

      let`s start with the cost for the spears 40 wood 30 sulphur
      and the SG is 130 wood and 180 sulphur
      to make it easy to grasp it will be 1 SG vs 3 spears
      as we said
      1 SG cost 130 wood and 180 sulphur while 3 spears cost 120 wood and 90 sulphur
      1 SG have 184 hit point while 3 spears have total hit point 168
      1 SG have 3 armour with the steel plate another 3 while the spears each have 1 armour with steel shield another 3 total 12(3 spears) vs 6 (1 SG)
      cargo is the same for both of them 15 for SG and 15 for 3 spears
      the class of the SG wont be affected by the doctors while the spears will be healed (i think)
      the up keep for 1 SG is 12 while for 3 spears is 9
      and the dmg ,1 SG does 42 dmg(+3 with steel fist) with 80% acc while the spears does 18*3 dmg (+3*3 with steel spears ) with 90% acc
      of total 45&80% by the SG vs 63&90% by the spears
      not to forget the SG counter stone arrow and sword but most of people use mortar and the Sulphur Carabineer so after all it only counter sword man
      and the sword man
      Attack Sequence
      FlanksLong-range weapons battle lineArtilleryFront battle line

      one more thing in the big battle filed can post only 16 SG while u can post 50 spear

      so the real ratio 1:3.125 but we gonna ignore it and keep the ratio 1:3
      to sum it up

      Hit point
      up keep
      1 SG
      45 dmg & 80% acc
      machine(cant be healed)
      130 W &180 S
      3 spears
      63 dmg & 80% acc
      human (can be healed)
      120 W & 90 S

      so far 3 spears cost less ,better armour , less upkeep ,the class (can be healed), way more dmg

      the question is , is the spear way better than SG or all my calculation is just ****ed up and there is something that i dont know

    • You're assuming they all get summed up. They don't. It's a bit more complicated that that, and I'll leave that to somebody more with knowledge than me going into the details. Still, 1 SG will outdo 3 spears and take minimal damage.

      If I am not mistaking, if you consider +3 +3 SG and spears, these will do 7(dmg)-6(armor)=1 damage each to the SG so it'd take 184 spears to kill 1 SG in one round.

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    • I don't get it...are you talking about spears or as title say hoplites?! ?(

      "On the contrary, woman is the best equipped machine ever went to battle"
      -Richard Le Gallienne
      "Asking polite with a gun in your hand is better than asking polite with nothing."
    • 1 unit attacks 1 unit soo its pretty hard for hops to kill sgs even on full battlefield
      hops are only good for waving them later on when your enemy has catas or morts because 1 mort can kill only 1 unit soo its much better to kill 1 hop then 1 sg as sg cost a lot more
    • sealedfox wrote:

      ok what is the best tactics should i send the sg fist then withdraw them after how many round or send the hoplites then withdraw
      and why if i send both of them hoplites go first ?
      hops always fight first thats why you want to send most of sgs and 2-4(depends how much slots of artillery your opponent has) slots of hops in each round
      you want to send hops which died round before
      this advice is only valid if your opponent has catas or morts