Spam: o_o vs. FFO

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    • drasko7 wrote:

      Legendarynoodle wrote:

      As i see it. FFO is a big couple of noobs i would fight by myself if i was bigger then i am right now! if they let me build me up fast i will fight them by myself with pleasure ^^ and win by myself to ^^

      The question is if they accept my challenge or run as cowards ^^ They run from Ciozo as chickens ^^ xD

      Ciozo will win the war :P
      if you are such a great player as you say here why did you messaged me asking me can i teach you how to play proper early build because you as you said "suck" at it
      It is simple i'm a warrior not a builder ^^ i'm a fighting super pirate ^^ i'm not focus on be a building bob bro!
    • haha u obviously dont know who ur talking to :) but when it comes to building and fighting.. i think building is quite fun too, im starting to like it :D its so peaceful and quiet.. now fighting barbs lvl 39 with 400 transport ships its not enough to take all the loot in 4 rounds.. keeping the forge up is so painful, this game is quite balanced :) i have no army now and manage to run a -15k gold minus with my poitns.. :D we are already entering the next stage of the game just dont become obsolete and try to keep up :) or i will have noone to fight to in few months..