need help with piracy

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    • need help with piracy

      Hey all , thanks for reading this I am a returning player from when I used to play as a child and I'm trying to get into the whole piracy thing it seems quite simple but I hear a lot about cheating with multis.
      so I wanted some tips and tricks from a few of the more experienced pirates :P
      also if any one wanted to join us in game to help guide us and show us the ropes that would be awesome :thumbup:
      Leader of TPR founded 06.12.2017 - HADES <3
      Not your average :thumbup:
    • you can have 2 approach to piracy
      ether you are pirate or just a regular guy trying to place

      pirate would have floater and use it to plant on people and raid them
      they would usually convert first 2 weeks only as they want top 10
      if you are this guy you will usually get some sort of deal from other alliances as they dont want to have troubles with you
      and if you are just regular guy trying to place you want proper pirate fortress on only 1 town(safest and at least lvl 7 pf) and click as fast as you can
      you want to be on every list every day soo you can be seen there by other pirates
      important thing if you have small crew and you place in 50s you need to time it right to convert few mins after 18:02 as you want to have 0 cp if someone try to raid you
      you want to convert first 18-19 days and last 2-3 days run somewhere with your floater colony and thats it
      ps. make pf lvl 1 on floater and then destroy lvl 7+ or whatever you had as you want to be far away from other pirates
      most pirates wont travel 5h+ soo that they can possibly get some cp they have more important targets soo you will be safe to place
    • To add on from this, floaters can be expensive defiantly at the start of servers, so town location can be very important. Mine are evenly spread out across the centre. This way I don’t need to use a mobile I can just raid everyone on my lists come 6pm. When the final day comes I do use a mobile I will raid people close from my towns whilst on route to another more further out target on my mobile.

      Another good thing to do at the start of the round is convert everything over 7k. The 7k bonus is massive at the start and can help give you the edge. Say you someone has clicked 15000 points and converted it all that’s 1.5k crew. But say you have clicked for 10000 points but converted 3000. That would be 1.7k crew as you would have the bonus. So even though you haven’t been able to click as much you would be better off.

      Make sure to get a good start as trying to get back into the round is hard. Also sometimes good if you can get some alliance mates to feed you some points early on. This will help you from the solo people.

      Final day. Always keep an eye out for people planting mobiles for you and move your pf if you see a colony under construction. BUT REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS NEED A PF IN 1 TOWN. Don’t delete your crew and your points on the last day. Lol everyone use to acidently do that hahaha.