Wall Strength

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    • Wall Strength

      Question for the experienced.

      Town One

      Defending: Level 30 Walls, 30 mortars, 20 chefs
      Attacking: 50 Steam Giants, 30 mortars

      Losses: 35 Steam Giants

      Town Two

      Defending: Level 40 Walls
      Attacking: 16 Steam Giants, 18 mortars

      Losses: 13 Steam Giants

      No Hep Forge activated


      Why does the addition of just 30 mortars and 20 chefs change the outcome this much? There are NO front line military on the defending side. The town with level 40 walls does takes two rounds to break the wall down but the level 30 wall town only takes one round but destroys comparatively more Steam Giants than the town with level 40 walls. Why?
    • 1 slot of wall can only kill 1 unit soo if you have 7 slots of wall you will kill only 7 units doesnt matter is that unit sg hop or spear so what i like to do is send full slots of morts 7 slings and 20 cooks that way you will only lose 7 slings as artillery cant attack 2nd row keep in mind if you fight 7 slots of wall and you destroy let say 4 you will lose only 3 slings as there is only 3 slots of wall alive then
      if you are asking what to do if you are defending its simple just move your front and flank units somewhere near and return it in the round you think you will lose your wall :)
    • so in other words:

      in Town one, you lost 30 SGs to his 30 mortars, and 5 to the wall. (you broke 2 sections and a bit with your mortars). As there was no frontline to plug the wall, and no second line in defense, you won.

      in Town two, no defense: your 18 mortars didn't manage to break the wall in the first round, so the wall killed 7 of your SGs. In the second round, your mortars got through one section, but the 6 remaining ones each killed 1 SG. Total, 7+6=13 dead SGs. Again, as there was nobody else in defense, you won.

      (I assumed you were the attacker. If you weren't, the other guy won ;)