Wall Strength: Reduce relative strength drop as battle field size increases

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  • Wall Strength: Reduce relative strength drop as battle field size increases

    Do you like this suggestion? 13
      Yes (10) 77%
      No (3) 23%
    General Information:
    I have noticed as battlefield size (Town Hall level) increases, the relative strength of a wall compared to its attackers decreases, especially past a level 16 town hall. I think that this relative drop in wall strength should be reduced.

    What are you suggesting?
    Currently at level 10 and 20, wall attack and accuracy increases dramatically, then continues to increase at a larger amount (2, 5, then 10). I propose that wall health segments match this and have a larger health increase at these points. So levels 1-9 have +50 health, starting at the same hp for level 1 as now (150), levels 10-19 have +75 health, then up to level 48 (max) + 100 health.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    Stats (hit points) shown when town wall selected change to reflect this increase. (Wall segment health is increased during land battles.)

    Suggestion Reason:
    Walls are not worth the investment in higher levels, this increases the ability of a wall to delay the fall of the town and gives a greater incentive to invest resources in them.

    Special Notes:
    Armour has not increased so that the wall can still be damaged in the same way, and is able to be damaged by attacking units at the same levels (and upgrades) as before.
    Yrael, 8th Bright Shiner

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    The post was edited 4 times, last by -Hera-: Changed proposed starting hp for level 1 from 100 to 150 hp (to match current starting hp) ().

  • Explained reasoning:
    At level 10 to 16 TH (Town Hall), there are 3*6=18 mortar places vs 7 wall segments.
    Then at 17 to 24 TH, 4*6=24 mortar places, and above level 24, 5*6=20 places. Still with 7 wall segments.

    This punishes larger towns on the battlefield, as artillery is more effective in attack than defence of town walls. The health changes would (IMO) help balance this.

    Just a note on the maths behind the change:
    The max health of a wall segment (at level 48) is currently 2500hp (with 192 armour).
    For the largest battlefield, 30 mortars deal: 270 each (+20% if forged) = 30*270 (*1.2) = 8100 (9720) per round
    So a level 48 wall is completely destroyed in: [2500*7]/[8100-3(192)] = 2.325.... = 3 rounds (2 if forged)

    With my proposed change, this would change to: 150 + 8(50) + 10(75) + 28(100) = 4100hp
    Therefore would now be completely destroyed in: [4100*7]/[8100-3(192)] = 3.815.... = 4 rounds (even if forged)
    This is a much better result for resources invested.

    Note: I multiplied armour by 3 in my calculations as I have assumed that 3 wall segments will be attacked per round. Please correct me if I have applied the stats in my calculations wrong!

    PS: All information on Town Wall taken from: Ikariam Wiki - Town Wall
    Yrael, 8th Bright Shiner

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    Knight Republic Alliance (KOR): World Alpha
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  • Correction to my calculations, I have now realised that armour is applied per attack, not to the round's total damage vs the wall segment.

    Therefore damage per mortar: 270-192 = 78 (132)
    30 Mortar shells a round: 30*78 = 2340 (3960)

    With my proposed change a level 48 wall would be destroyed completely in: [4100*7]/[2340] = 12.26... = 13 rounds (8)
    A level 48 wall would be breached in 2 rounds (with or without forged mortars), so still not great without support.
    Yrael, 8th Bright Shiner

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  • big :thumbsup: for idea
    you gave solid way to deal with this problem unfortunately even if you get 80% positive respond we will still need to wait quite long for this changes to implement into game
    i would really like this kind of idea to be implemented in less then 6 months or so but given the previous respond time to ideas that got required 80% out of at least 15 votes we are probably going to wait more then a year if you get enough votes but yea waiting to see what happens :) :)
  • Quartz wrote:

    I like this but think that the proposed increases are too small. The problem for me is the initial breach, not the complete demolition. Indeed, I would continue your progression with another +100 health (so +200 total) per level at level 30 and again (so +300) at level 40. But that's too complex.
    I did want to do something along those lines, to reward higher levels even more (to make them worth it), but for simplicity, I only matched with the big increases levels as they are now (level 10 and 20).

    Although if this gets introduced, I would like to see the larger increases at level 30 and 40 as you said.
    Total wall segment health at level 48 would be: 4100 + 10(100) + 8(200) = 6700hp

    6700/2340 = breached in 3 rounds (2 if forged), which gives ample time to send over troops to defend if you are online.
    Yrael, 8th Bright Shiner

    Guardian of the Republic
    Knight Republic Alliance (KOR): World Alpha
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  • 2 rounds is nowhere near enough time. I think you need to take the time to send from a neighbouring island via a city on the same island, so you need loading time + 20 minutes travel to island + 15 minutes travel to city or over half an hour.

    Perhaps a simple way would be to combine your suggestion with an increase in the armour increment? Say the armour increment increases to 5 at level 11, 6, at level 21, 7 at level 31, and 8 at level 41? (Formula is 4 + (Wall level DIV 10) That would give a level 48 wall armour of 40+50+60+70+64 = 284 so would require a Forged enemy to penetrate. This also means that a level 45 wall - the maximum without Ambrosia - has 270 armour - an appropriate concurrence with the unupgraded mortar's damage of 270. Given the resources required to construct such a wall, that's not unreasonable. Forged upgraded mortars (which do a base of 327.6 damage each) will still do 1308 damage a round after armour, so the wall will last 2 rounds. Add this to your suggestion, and I think we have a winner as the 6700 HP wall will last 5.1 rounds before being breached.
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  • I was thinking about reinforcements from the same island, which take 15 mins to arrive (unless transporting the slower units).

    I didn't originally include armour changes in my proposal because I want to give this suggestion the best chance of succeeding, and making armour changes as you stated (even though I want them too), would make a level 48 wall invincible to anyone without a Forge, which will be less supported (I think).

    IMO, armour increase should be in a separate proposal, as I want to see the support for each individually. I am only doing this because I think we can almost all agree on the health buff (because the wall is damaged in the same way), but increasing armour would change that.

    In which case I will make a separate suggestion with greater health and armour increases.
    Yrael, 8th Bright Shiner

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  • Voting for each proposal:
    Please could all who are voting vote for the suggestions vote based of changing the wall from what it is now.

    If vote you this one 'No' and you prefer the 2nd suggestion where you voted 'Yes', this will suggest to GF that you don't want an increase in wall health, as they can't see you voting no then yes, but only 1 no, and one yes.
    Instead consider voting 'Yes' in both as this will indicate that you are happy with the health buff, but that you would also like the armour buff.

    Of course if you don't agree you are free to vote 'No' on both! :D

    Yrael, 8th Bright Shiner

    Guardian of the Republic
    Knight Republic Alliance (KOR): World Alpha
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