Alternative Building to the Pirate Fortress - Town Gardens

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    • Great suggestion!

      Yrael wrote:

      would like the new gardens to have 2 different ground levels, as the island as two of them, and to keep some of the trees (as shown above). The garden would also be paved, have benches (similar to currently in the city) and new plants, and maybe a terrace and steps down between the two heights. There could also be a low stone wall around the garden and an ornate bridge connecting the island to rest of the city. A path (in line with Town Hall levels) could also be put in, linking the current path end by the 'favours amphitheatre' to the bridge.
      Also a nice added touch.

      Would be an interesting variation and expansion to the possible buildings and layout.
      About the happiness increase though, that would require some balancing as the reward from the Piracy is supposed to be the greater motivator.
    • Voted yes as it would be nice to have another option to build on the islandand Ilke gardening :)
      Late comment but I agree with Wyr3d: a temporary buff would fit better as an alternative to the Pirate Fortress.
      Something along the lines of each upgrade allowing a different event to be run. Like the capture runs but for happiness.
      Each event giving different 'festival' points. Art exhibit , wine tasting , a sports day , theater , etc.
      Have an active component like pillage runs. Perhaps traveling circus or show. The further the show' travels to a garden the more points it gives?
      Have it vary according to the receiving players current 'festival' points?
      At the end of the festival 'season' , the highest points get a temporary boost to their current happiness. Or to encourage wine consumption, a temporary virtual tavern upgrade... 'Helping hands' for the tavern instead of the mine.
    • hope this wont offend other players... master kikoguns already warned me.. i will just write a soft comment on this topic...

      if you want some gardening thing, play farmville bro.. there is so much gardening to finish there.. this is not to offend huh.. just a tip..... please don't be misunderstood...
    • i like your suggestion. :)
      not all players play pirate and the spot would be useless.
      I DON'T trust words,

      servers playing: Eijipe
      Kaikias - Alliance SYN
      War Server - Alliance -PR-
    • Quartz wrote:

      I like it. For the graphic, I would add a picture of a bridge to the island.
      That would be a nice idea with the little bridge.

      Personally think it’s a great idea. Gives you another thing to think about. Never seen a suggestion go through and actually be made but I think this is simple and a nice idea hope this is successful.