anti multi account system

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  • anti multi account system

    General information:

    I would like to propose a way to avoid that there are many illegal unregistered accounts in IP managed by the same user

    What are you suggesting?

    I would suggest some changes in the system, with a premise:
    put a limit on devices to connect to the same account.
    I would like to the maximum that we could connect with
    1 pc of home
    1 pc of work
    1 mobile phone
    starting from a certain date, users will have to connect
    First with the primary pc, then with the mobile phone, and then with the secondary pc

    this is how the system should be modified

    starting from this date to be determined, who will connect from a PC, in the first log-in screen will see a message appear:
    "Do you want this connection to be considered the primary connection for your account?"
    to the player's answer, which obviously can only be YES, the system stores the IP and matches it to the account.
    at the same time the player will display a window with a code to be entered at the time of log-in with the phone.
    when the player connects to the mobile phone, he will be asked for this code, which will be matched to the account.
    Finally, the player will connect with the secondary PC, and the log-in will show this message:
    "Do you want this connection to be considered the secondary connection for your account?"
    and to the answer that even in this case it can only be yes, the system will match the player's IP to the account in question.

    If then who will connect to that account will not have the right credentials, identification code for mobile and IP equal to that previously stored, the account will be banned.

    I hope everything is clear

    thank you

    How will the interface / gameplay / battles / system change?

    Reason for suggestion:
    prevent the creation of illegal multi-accounts

    Note speciali:

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