best buildings to have in town?

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  • I'm on the "hideouts are a must" side of the debate.
    I kill anything and everything I come across, but the nature of that attitude means I also have plenty of targets to pick from. I will ALWAYS kill somebody with no/low hideout first simply because I know exactly what I'm up against and what to use. People with 95% chance of spies getting caught I normally leave alone until I've run out of other things to kill. They might have a terrible army, but the fact I can't see exactly what it is means I'll go for easier prey first.
    I don't know how many other players do this, but if I'm around... no hideout = a visit from DLoI and that's certainly going to stunt your growth ;)

  • I found this thread with Google doing some extra research on perfecting my way on quick building in Ikariam in 2018. As it has been some years ago that I played, but I have to respond with my version of the hide out

    To be honest I think that Hide Outs aren't always necessary, the way I do it is;
    I make sure that I own 4 warehouses which will be high enough to keep a lot of resources safe. Let's say an upgrade from a governor residence level 7 to 8 takes 200K Sulphur. In order to safely gather the needed 200K, you have to spread and ship it to all your cities in time. (You can use 1 free auto route at night, if calculated well it should spread it fine)
    The calculation behind it is that 200.000 ([b]Sulphur) / 480 (Safe resources per warehouse) = 416 (Warehouse levels) / 8 (cities) = 52 (levels per city) / 4 (warehouses) = 4 warehouses all level 13. Level 13 is nothing!

    Spread your resources and keep it safe from pillage.

    Then when I'm going to upgrade my governor residence / palace. I firstly make sure that all my safe amount in resources from all different resources are hit.

    Then, I firstly ship all the goods that are not valuable, for me that is wood, once this is full I go for my other resources and I make sure my trading ports (2) are high. Then, if I can ship a total of 50.000 resources, I split it in 3-4 from all 3-4 cities. Wine, Sulphur and crystal or stone and keep doing that till I reach what I need. (Keep the most valuable resource for last)

    There is no need for an (large) army during this time I might need an army as soon as I hit my 9th governor upgrade (Well, if my warehouses are all 26 by then it might be doable…) What this basically means is that all this time I have been collecting a lot of gold simply because I don’t need an army to protect my resources. Encase of an occupation I’ll be able to survive for days on my safe wine. (At this time, I can survive about 7 days without shipping wine to my cities.) During these 7 days I would be able to build a huge army (Bit more costly) to get myself free. No one will for no reason occupy me for 7 days and lose all this gold for nothing.

    What is important for fast total score is to make sure you level up your Carpenter, Architect and winepress as soon as possible. If, winepress + Museums + Winery and vineyard are high enough you will be able to sustain 8 cities and still gather wine for upgrade. (I have 4 stone, 1 wine, 1 Sulphur, 1 crystal) and going for 5th stone (I did this before worked well) and, if in any case your wine goes to slow for an upgrade, just buy, you’ll have sufficient gold to buy whatever you desire. (If, you don’t buy cargo ships with every penny) but keep in mind, due to wine-press being high, you will save up to 32% on the total wine price with governors residents. And most importantly, that way you can justify having only 1 wine island.

    (You can as well buy other resources with gold to increase how fast you’re going)

    Then, it’s important to also upgrade Forester house and Stonemasons as high as possible, after that a lot seems cheap for quite some time. Meanwhile you have a lot of wood to donate to maybe your Sulphur pit, Crystal mine, and winery or make your stone island is even better!

    Well, after that you can also decide to take a bit of a risk, let’s say you now have 9 cities with all of them level 20 warehouses (20x4=80x480=38.400 safe per city) x 9 = 345600 that you can collect safe. Which is 48.000 valuable resources that people can pillage over 9 cities. And about 384K unsafe wood, but I don’t really worry about that through. Especially if you keep your stone islands close to each other (preferably all on one island)

    Then, just focus on Walls (At your 8th city it will be easy to upgrade them) and everything that will help your defense but will also help your total score. Keep going until you feel you take to much risks, but remember. If you store 10K to much in each town and you have 9 towns, that’s still 90K which is a lot.

    Now you don’t care if someone occupy you or try to pillage you, because the loses are so small against the gains. And later in the game you have to work with deposits anyway, you can take down 2 warehouses, one for deposit and maybe one for the Hide out people talk about.

    But for now, I suspect I can go on for many months to come.

    And, whenever I have a war, I’ll have high enough town halls and such for quick citizens and gold and I don’t have to lower down my workers in any way. Maybe, Academy because I don’t care about total score by academy, but that’s because I’m a builder, research is only on while playing peacefully. But, this will give me a huge advantage during war. Currently I’m having a war and I’m only losing 2K gold per hour while I’m away.With 2M gold that is roughly 1000 hours of fighting. Doubling my army would still be enough hours, etc etc. when my troops get home, I get so much gold per hour that I can keep going on building + getting gold + having a war and not having to be afraid anyone will steal from me because of my warehouses. (I've been upgrading the governor residence during the war, LOL) if we had waited a little longer, I'd probably be able to keep my academies running as well)

    Unfortunately at the beginning due to get used to playing again, I went pretty slow. Fortunately I'm now catching up a lot. I might need some Ambrosia to get in the top 10, but for now I think I'll be fine this way.

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