best buildings to have in town?

    • best buildings to have in town?


      Hey all I'm a returning player currently playing on the new server Hades. I'm a little bit rusty and I wanted a few tips on the best buildings to have in each town to help get my master builder score up as quick as possible.
      look forward to hearing your advice :thumbsup:
      Kind regards, Adzflow
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      production x2
      wh x3
      temple at 14th

      this leaves you with 2 spots for other building you want but its by far best for fast growth as you want to produce more wood/marble and spend less on building town also i would recommend going marble x2 wine and crystal for first 4 towns then after that combine colonys/wine in 3:1 or 4:1 ratio depends do you use wine press or not so if you use wine press you should have 5x marble 2x wine and crystal sulphur you can buy as you will not fight as much and for rest sulphur needs you can buy on market
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      i currently have 8 cities 2 of each lux resource, i have been playing with 4 warehouses to protect my resources as there are a lot of active players pillaging. so i should remove one warehouse and make a dump...? i currently have a foresters house and lux in all towns. now i should build the reducing ones.. which buildings should i not have? also i am the leader of an alliance so have embassy in some towns