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    • Sadly, I fear Gameforge's view (and they have more information than we do) is that purchases of ambro are by far highest on new servers, and drop off rapidly afterwards, which is exactly why they keep making new servers even though the existing ones aren't over-crowded (I know I purchased initial ambro for Hades but have no intention of buying more, and suspect others do the same)

      And when they stop getting big ambro payments for new servers, that's when they finally give up on the game.
    • i came back after a long break and finally built up an account i can fight with. Not planning on abandoning it to start all over again as i only have time to play 1 server anymore.

      Im hades all the way.

      Thanks VAL Your the best

    • THAT NEW SERVER WITHOUT US IS A CRAP. and that thing AMBRO PROTEST will not solve the problem. Instead let us gave gameforge way more income in HADES than in the new server. This way, if that new server dies faster than HADES they will be force to merge it with HADES server and we will then meet those stupid players who tries their luck in new server for the simple reason they cannot beat us in HADES. LET US PUT A THREAD THAT ENCOURAGES GAMEFORGE to merge the new server with us. and they will just mind this thread if they get more income in "HADES" than the new one. PLAY MORE IN HADES... PLAY HARDER AND DON'T JOIN THE NEW SERVER. this is the only way we win over them.
    • u can simply ignore the new server or play for free, either way they dont get rewarded.

      it was mentioned above that the new servers have the biggest amount of incomes via ambrosia, merging the new server so fast will only make players spend less on future new servers since they will be afraid of an unfair merge.So its out of the question...

      if u need ambrosia in hades u should buy, but buying ambrosia as a form of protest ? :P
      idk about that one.. i guess if u have money to throw away...
    • I too came back from a long break, and Hades is where I'm going to stay! Same goes for everyone in my alliance, so don't go anywhere :)

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    • well its a shame that i spent so much to get all available with ambro and a month later they open new server.. with production bonuses and speed bonuses to make it for the kill.. atm im just checking it out dont know if ill stay in hephaistos if i manage to get a nice setup with me and gf then well stay there.. but would be a waste to leave hades so im not leaving it either.. and then it comes to question how much time do i have :D