Introduce several extra building levels for capital city

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  • Introduce several extra building levels for capital city

    General Information: This will add yet further strategic importance to the capital city. After all, it should be special.

    What are you suggesting? Add several extra building levels for most of the available buildings (and possibly an extra building slot or two) to the capital city.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? Only minimal changes to support an extra possible building slot or two. Otherwise the additional building levels alone would only require new notations.

    Suggestion Reason: After an admittedly lengthy period of time, it seems entirely possible to "maxx out" ones individual cities (including the capital city of ones growing Empire). This should preferably not happen to the "showpiece" capital city. Although obviously strategically important, the building of additional (progressively more expensive) new cities, does tend to become rather repetitive (and therefore potentially somewhat boring). Building a progressively larger capital city (possibly supported by equivalently expansive graphics) would seem to represent an interesting new challenge for many established players (who are either leaving the game or possibly joining new servers).
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  • Your suggestion is to be denied at this point in time: as not enough information is in your suggestion.
    What building/s? and to what level/s? also has the building you are thinking of already been suggested before?

    Please feel free to submit another suggestion but make it more specific :)

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