-One day of forge-

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  • -One day of forge-

    Shoutout to duy who did not run after he saw I was back for him. Painful, but honourable behaviour: if everyone escapes, it takes the fun out of the game... Basically yesterday I went with Valkonos on the hunt for DVE guys, found barely nothing. Then I attacked duy, I went to sleep and he attacked me, I woke up, I attacked again, before the grand finale :thumbsup: . All cr's, "big" and small are here, the slaughter is the last cr :D.

    Last time I had been connected for so long to ikariam I was in the Muffin-Mafia... Now its just me and Valkonos, but still dangerous :)
    "This Dog with three Heads denotes the past, the present, and the Time to come; which receive, and, as it were, devour all things"

    - Zachary Grey (Hudibras)- XVIII century

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