Being Occupied

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  • Being Occupied

    I'm new to warfare so my experience is near zero. My questions are to do with when one of my towns is occupied but the port isn't blockaded.

    If I station a large enough fleet there to guard the town from being blockaded, but I dont make any efforts to free the town from the occupation, what happens?
    Since their land troops are occupying my town but I have a large fleet stationed in that town, can they get their troops back?
    If they can, how?
    If not, can I just leave the town occupied to keep them spending gold ? (assuming I don't mind the negative effects of that town being occupied)

    Any clarification is much appreciated
    I play on Alpha
    I go by Silver Hand
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  • If you're occupied, you will be untill either the occupater removes his occupation or you take it back via military force.
    Troops can move across land even though the port is blocked. So placing naval units in your harbor will prevent the troops being shipped from your harbor, but it won't prevent them from moving to another city on the island.
    And yes, you can leave it occupied. If the occupant don't remove the troops he can't remove the occupation.