Plus: Tweak Builder's overview - add value of warehouse capacity

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  • Plus: Tweak Builder's overview - add value of warehouse capacity

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    General Information:

    In the Builder's Overview, Resources tab you can see how long it will be before your warehouse gets filled. That's fine for those cities producing that resource, but it's deficient for those cities storing that resource. Displaying the actual warehouse capacity there would tell the player how much more of a particular resource can be stored in that city. Producers display the time as now; non-producers display the Warehouse capacity.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?


    Suggestion Reason:

    This makes the Builder's Overview more useful. Let's say one of my cities is maxxed on Building Material. If my suggestion were implemented then I could immediately see which other cities could take some, and how much should go to each to avoid losing any.


    When production is set to zero then the warehouse capacity should be displayed. This actually makes implementation easier. as the entry condenses down to a very simple piece of code:

    IF Production(Resource) = 0 THEN Show (Warehouse Capacity) ELSE Show (Time Until Warehouse Full)
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