uk or us server inquiry

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  • uk or us server inquiry

    i am currently replaying the game,(i played the game way back during its prime(?) around 2009-2011ish. i still have my old save but with my current town locations, i feel like i'd enjoy the game more by creating a new account. My problem is, I wanna play in the server with more players, i feel like i'll enjoy the game even more then. so i wanna inquire if you guys know which has currently more player base, us or uk.

    I dont think server population would be an issue for me cuz im sure that if the server is more or less dead, the admins will most like merge servers, but the same cannot be said on us and uk. so i wanna pick one them to play into. hope you guys can help. thanks!
  • Servers are no longer merged once they die. This is caused since GF still haven't made a new tool to merge servers.
    When it comes to playerbase USA is a much larger country and thus have a larger playerbase. Though no matter what, if you want an active server you will need to pick one launced recently.
  • I've played in both regions on several servers, and while I can't give you any statistical proof, I've found the US to have more overall players.
    Now while UK have more accounts I also believe that this comes down to the fact that the US tends to be a lot faster at punishing players for abusing multies. I only play on one UK server atm, and accounts I've reported for using multies in piracy over a year ago still excist to this dato. In the beginning, 1 in 10 on the UK servers are players, the rest is multies. Now how you define active players then I guess comes down to the individual.
  • so here is some stats from new UK and US servers

    Accounts currently2515949
    Top 5054k25k
    Top 200

    you can see that after 6 weeks of playing both servers are pretty bad but UK surely has more players and it is more competitive for playing
    ps. i have a ip shared multi with 25k points and i usually log into that acc 3-4 times a day that shows you how bad the situation is