vacation mode limits and timer

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  • vacation mode limits and timer

    Do you like this suggestion? 24
      Yes (17) 71%
      No (7) 29%
    General Information: limiting use of players constantly hiding in vacation mode

    What are you suggesting? create a countdown timer (48h) that is visible to all players before an account can re-enter vacation after coming out of vacation mode

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? will prevent players from coming out of vacation and running away back into vacation mode, also will limit general score banks from coming out, selling units and retreating back into vacation mode

    Suggestion Reason: everyone I am sure by now is sick of banks and the style of play thats been ongoing for the last couple years, and being able to hit vacation button for any reason constantly makes it impossible to actually chase players down knowing they can simply vacate constantly to run away. Vmode shouldn't be a combat strategy

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  • While being sceptic after reading the title, I honestly can't see why this shouldn't be a thing. The only people this will impact is those only using V-Mode for 48 hours at a time, which in turn means the people using it as a second colossus, and the people/accounts (as described in the post), being used as gs banks. This means that the people doing this will either have to wait more than 48 hours in order to come back unnoticed, or get everything done in the 10 minutes they have until enemy general score can arrive.

    I see no downside, I'm voting yes.
  • This has been already suggested and reply is still the same: nobody can not limit the time when player is able to go into vacation mode.
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  • I vote no because of the timer visible to not everyone business when someone can pop out or in v mode, this should be private. I am sure if you are vigilant enough you will know when someone goes out of v mode..

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  • Draxo wrote:

    This has been already suggested and reply is still the same: nobody can not limit the time when player is able to go into vacation mode.
    the alternative is the old method which was you couldn't vacate when you had incoming and that was even worse since it meant players who had real emergencies couldn't vacate. This way at least when a player comes out of vmode they can't just see a bunch of incoming and run away. It means that GF actually has people playing the game and it increases the liklihood of players buying ambrosia either to convert or something else along those lines. And considering GF loves money you would think they would want players playing the game even if its only for 48h.
  • What bothers me the most is that vacation mode is worse than inactivity. At least you can pillage inactives and their towns are scrubbed from the map after some time. But some of these players are in vacation mode for years, their towns are not getting scrubbed from the map and we can't build on those spots. There should be a limit on how many days a player can be in vacation mode before his towns are scrubbed from the map. Otherwise it's just game sanctioned inactivity.
  • 90 Days + have passed unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions. Therefore, I am going to have to reject this suggestion.

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