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  • Plus: hide military

    Do you like this suggestion? 17
      Yes (6) 35%
      No (11) 65%
    General Information:

    Just as there is an option to pretend you have a military in a town, so I would like an option to hide the military I do have in a town.

    What are you suggesting?

    I would like the option to pay some Ambrosia and hide the forces I have in one of my towns. When spied, sea forces would be reported as 1 ship of an appropriate technological level - typically PSB, Diving Boat, or Tender - and land forces would be similar - say 1 Slinger and 1 Spearman, and 1 Cook or Doctor.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    This suggestion will affect gameplay in the same way as the current option to pretend to have a military.

    Suggestion Reason:

    Deception is part of warfare, and if you can pretend you have something, you should be able to pretend that you don't.

    Special Notes:

    The cost should scale with the forces being hidden, like the Quicken Building Time feature, with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% options. The GS in the Highscore tables would be appropriately reduced. You should only be able to hide your own forces in your own towns.
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  • If there were a point I'd create a suggestion to remove ambro from the game. It creates a difference between free and paid users, and principle that I believe doesn't belong in competetive multiplayer games. Give us the option to make our cities look cooler, skins for our ships etc. But being able to gain an advantage from ambro shouldn't be a thing. The fact that you can see what ships are incomming for instance is just plain dumb for instance, either we see all ships all the time or we can't see it at all.

    Also the already excisting option to increase military in a town doesn't increase general score, so why would this decrease it, it's supposed to be deception, but if you have no way of seeing through this, it's no longer a deception, it's reality. I'm voting no, if you want to hide your troops, send them out of town.
  • An interesting one, yet I would say no.
    The main reason being perhaps that I'm a pure F2P and support the opinion that gaining advantage through real money shouldn't be part of the game.
    An utopic and idealistic view which probably will never become reality I imagine, as ambrosia is what's keeping the game going.
    Yet still, a no.

    Abeged wrote:

    But being able to gain an advantage from ambro shouldn't be a thing.
  • 90 Days + have passed unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions. Therefore, I am going to have to reject this suggestion.

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