All costs continue for 2 days after entering Vacation mode

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  • All costs continue for 2 days after entering Vacation mode

    General Information:

    When you enter vacation mode, all costs - miltary, wine, reseach - continue for 2 days / 48 hours.

    What are you suggesting?

    As above. Only after 48 hours after entering Vacation Mode do all expenditures of gold and resources stop.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?


    Suggestion Reason:

    This will put a major crimp on GS banks and give a downside to Vacation Mode being used as a Colossus.

    In-game we have the precedent of Experiments taking 4 hours to clear and Miracles having longer cooldowns. So we can rationalise this in-game as scientists needing to tidy their labs before going on holiday, workers making their workplaces etc safe, and so on.

    Special Notes:
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  • Suggestion is denied as minimum set time for Vacation Mode is 48 hours - Vacation Mode is simply everything stops
    - besides if you continue for one then it must continue for all...Troops/ships in building ques to continue, miracle cool down..etc.

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