Fixing the main reason this game keeps falling

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  • Fixing the main reason this game keeps falling

    Hello, im an ikariam player for over 6 years, with a total of at least 6-7k hours in game. Ive competed at hall of fame competition and broke few war records on israelian servers.

    General Information: over 95% of the players would quit soon after they'd register.
    New players are coming motivated and looking to get going and progress. In game, theyd need to wait hours/days for every small building/attack, etc. Its hard not to get frustrated in this way and quitting.

    What are you suggesting? to actually reduce the redicilous time periods when building/attacking or shipping by at least 60-70%.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? new players (and ones that currently playing) will get their chance to progress at a normal phase not having to wait an entire way for an attack to reach.
    I see this as the main reason for quitting and the disgust feelings towards the game.

    Suggestion Reason: after playing this game for a very long period of time and consistently seeing it falling down slowly but surely, i find this a necessery change in order to modify it to what players, new and current ones are looking for when registering ikariam.

    *their might be some missspelling.