Decreasing Merchant Ships Return Travel Time by Setting Capacity to Zero

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    • Decreasing Merchant Ships Return Travel Time by Setting Capacity to Zero

      Do you like this suggestion? 30
        Yes (28) 93%
        No (2) 7%
      General Information:
      Currently, the return travel time of the Merchant Ships is the same as their departure travel time.
      The departure travel time is determined by three variables: <1> Distance <2> Ship Capacity <3> Triton Engines

      Current General Formula for Travel Time Used in Ikariam:
      Travel Time = t x DF x SCF x TEF

      t : Basic Time t is 10 mins for same-island route or 20 mins for inter-island route
      DF: Distance Factor DF is 1 for same-island route. For inter-island route, from coordinate x1:y1 to x2:y2, DF= sqrt [(x1-x2)2 + (y1-y2)2]
      SCF : Ship Capacity Factor SCF = 600 ÷ (1100 - Ship Capacity)
      TEF : 1 for 0%, 1/2 for 100%, 1/3 for 200%, 1/4 for 300%

      What are you suggesting?
      Note: Applicable only when sending goods.
      The merchant ships capacity will automatically switch their capacity to zero.
      Which will their return travel speed faster (travel time lesser).
      This will increase merchant ships return travel speed by up to 83.33% (SCF = 6/11).

      Refer to my attached calculator in spreadsheet below:
      From island coordinates 50:51 to 60:61
      Let us assume that Ship Capacity is set to 400 goods, and Triton = 0%

      Travel Time = t x DF x SCF x TEF = 20 mins x 14.1421 x 0.8571 x 1 = 4hrs 2mins 26secs
      t = 20 mins

      DF = sqrt [(50-60)2 + (51-61)2] = 14.1421
      SCF = 600 ÷ (1100-400) = 0.8571
      TEF = 1
      This is same for departure and return travel so total travel cycle time is 8hrs 4mins 52secs.

      Departure Travel Time is same as above = 4hrs 2mins 26secs

      Return time will be different. Since the Merchant Ships will now be empty (goods unloaded).
      Ship Capacity will be automatically set to zero (0).
      t, DF and TEF are same. New SCF is below:

      SCF = 600 ÷ (1100-0) = 0.5455, so Return Travel Time is.

      Travel Time = t x DF x SCF x TEF = 20 mins x 14.1421 x 0.5455 x 1 = 2hrs 34mins 17secs

      Which is around 57.12% faster than the departure travel time.

      Therefore, total travel cycle time is reduced to 6hrs 36mins 43secs

      Better right?

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
      I think this is more realistic this way. An unloaded ship, plane, truck, car, vessel
      are way faster than the loaded ones. Why don't we apply it in this game?

      Suggestion Reason:
      For better gameplay, and for a reasonable waiting time.

      Special Notes:
      I still think we could adjust travel time when sending troops just like sending goods.
      But I don't see that coming very soon.

      the kid is just kidding

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    • The whole thing with being able to choose how many ressources a ship will carry is fairly recent.
      Considering how long it took to come up with that I doubt we'll see this any time soon, but I do agree that this does make a lot more sence than the current system does. However the whole, a ships speed being directly proportionate to the cargo doesn't make sence, so to be honest, whether or not it makes thematical sence is unrelated on certain points.
      So I'm just as much a fan as I am against this. While it makes thematical sence, it makes the mechanic a lot harder to understand and I am honestly not shure the level of mechanical complication is worth the thematical completion.
    • I vote yes, makes sense..and I hope it applies to the other way around when you send empty ships to buy goods...About the mechanical part it ain't my problem to worry about :D

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      -Richard Le Gallienne
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    • Absolutely right , once we are transferring a goods to any city, then the Travel time depends on the Capacity per merchant ship, therefore when the ships are either coming with zero load or going to buy, then the travel time must be less than when it's with a load
    • Yes because this guy right here siggesting is my homie.

      Well done on the making the calculation. Jeez engineers.
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      A foolish speaks because they have to say something.
    • My vote will be yes but there should be unloading time to make it more realistic. How come they have loading without unloading? When the goods arrive they just throw it away or dump it right away for trade ships to return? :D :D :D
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