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  • Auto-donation

    Do you like this suggestion? 31
      Yes (22) 71%
      No (9) 29%
    What are you suggesting?

    Automatic donation of resources to miracles, forestries or luxury spots. This could be done either via a flat amount daily, or tax percentage of resource yield.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    No major "change" other than more frequent donation across every island :D

    Suggestion Reason:

    Sometimes one can forget to donate every so often, and I think alot more people would donate if this was implemented.


    Maybe this could be implemented for people on vacation mode as well. I'm not an expert on numbers & balancing, but I think the game developers know this best themselves :)

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  • +1 Yes for me :)

    It would be a great tool to figure out AND IMPLEMENT what is "the fair amount to donate."
    I've experienced both giving too much and also being a leech, this feature, if implemented, could be a great help to everyone.
  • Yo ,

    yes from me , its will help people to avoid the conflict which happen duo to the donation , and will increase the amount of high level mines in the servers , finally you can find lechers and he/she wont have excuse for not donating :love:
  • I'm voting yes, only question is will this tax rate be viewable when the resource mine is shown, along with the number of workers from each town?

    Also this won't happen during v-mode as everything is paused :)
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  • I'm voting No, because it mitigates - even prevents - raiding. I could set my donation to 100% and not have to worry about being raided while still building up my Saw Mill or luxury resource. This would be of particular use to those with multis who use them only for boosting the resources.

    I might allow this as an Ambrosia feature, but not as a standard one.
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  • Sorry for the confusion.

    It's intended to be an optional feature that you can chose to toggle on or off. You can set it to donate either a flat amount every day (Example 3%), or set it to tax a certain percentage of all yield.

    As for Quartz suggestion, you can already do that by dumping resources on buildings or donating. I figure Ikariam developers will figure a good way to put a countermeasure to this, like say a maximum of 10% of yield or a set point of time (example midnight) so people can predict / circumvent the auto dontation.
  • Perhaps deal with this issue so that only one account on an IP can have this option, so people can't exploit this with unfarmable multis - then again, everyone builds 4 warehouses on multis already so there's really no helping that problem.

    Other than that, I voted yes. A nice suggestion that targets what I believe is a real problem for real players - people simply FORGET to donate because they're caught up in who knows what
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  • i see some of you are not ok with this idea
    suggestion is good but you need to work on details
    For example this cant be option from start of the game because everyone will set their multis at 100% and have massive boost in mills
    But we could add this in research under economy area after utopia at 400k price this way 99% of multis wont be able to set % as it wont be unlocked
    As for how it should be done, i think there should be scalable chart same as in academys in which you can set from 0% up to 5%, i think 5% max is ok cause it will prevent people from leaving accs running and on 100% rather then going into v-mode when they have to.
  • I vote yes, I feel this is a nifty idea. Alot of players just dont like to donate and make up excuses stunting growth of others. Pillaging them is also not a very good option as the smart ones build multiple high warehouses.

    I would recommend its a default feature from the start with a 5% default donation going upto max 15%. It resolves both the problems players have, the donor accounts can be pillagable unless the owner manually donates the rest and the resources get upgraded by default.

    I also suggest it should only be for the resources and not the miracles. For the miracles there should be a penalty of 5% less satisfaction if you dont keep priests in the temples. Forcing the players to not mess up other players temples.
  • Now both ideas of this being forced and this being a tool has been aired.
    Firstly, this being forced removes the point of having any form of military power if you're just planning on afk building. On the other hand, this not being forced would make multies much easier to manage and would just lead to everyone having 10 multies. Locking this behind a research wall seems like a fitting solution.
    Secondly, you have to consider how automation works in ikariam. Every single current feature that allows automation (building queue and automatic trade routes) are locked behind a pay wall. So to fit the theme, if this were to ever be implemented It'd be an ambrosia feature.
  • Good points there Abeged. I would think Ikariam devs would see it unfit for being a feature locked behind premium status.

    Locking it behind research seems to be the best option to keep multis from doing this.

    Here's the limits based on my own opinions and others which have posted here which would make it "fair and balanced":
    Locking the feature behind research (Bureaucracy would be a good candidate)
    Restricting it to one account per IP address to prevent people from making a muletown
    Set 5% as default, and a maximum limit based on Academy level (limit starts at 5%, scales linear with academy after level 5)
    Totally optional feature, but it is defaulted at 5% for every user after researching Bureaucracy.
    The donation will be shipped at 04:00 server time, accounting for total yield the past 24 hours. People will then be able to take the donation in account and plan their attacks prior to the resources getting donated. (note that if you have for some reason or another less resources than the percentage you set it at, it will donate all the resources you have available.)
  • I can agree upon every point except for the one of limiting it to one account.
    The reason you can have more than one account per server is because they started merching servers. This means that a lot of people (myself included) have several large accounts on one server. Not being able to do this on all of them seems like going back upon what was promised when servers started merging. The research wall should be sufficient for preventing people from abusing this. After all, reaching bureaucracy does take at least a month on a highly active account, so a multi would benefit from this a lot later.
  • i vote no. that will gave gameforge extra work to do when you can just harass your island mate who is leeching the mills. make him cry and follow your comand and donate. there's no need for gameforge to do it for you. if you want your mills to grow big, use ambrosia. it will grow as high as you wish. gameforge will lose some income if mills will be upgraded base on taxes. it should be upgraded through ambrosia by buying woods in shop. hahahahahahaha
  • +1

    I vote yes. This would actually be a great feature if implemented correctly. I think some players just to forget to donate to mills. The tax rate method would be good as well. So it would be adjustable based on what you want to give and are capable of giving. :)