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  • This is......

    How can u ban me.. I never make the Paper acc.. Check the history or the IP... I never use proxy server or never do multi acc....

    Omg This is *snip* up server... I played almost 8years in this server straight and never did ban for multi...

    banning a person for multi? This really is *snip* up..

    others have 11 multi and can make it donate it pillage it...

    while me only 1 Multi who i didnt raid never did pillage never do I.P fleet contact.... Only 1 MULTI.... and banned for just 2 acc. Me and my sister acc. wherei...

    Plzzz Do explain me this ban.. or do you want the server to be DEAD... No wonder this ikariam will got a few players because of this *snip* ban without *snip* good reasonssssss..

    Never did i make So MUch multi like NRIP of RIP alliance... and Never do 11 Multi just to benefit the island and pillage them.. really sucks the game

    *snip Private content remove - You need to obtain permission from all parties involved prior to posting on the forum*

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  • I totally agree on this. I raided my wife's pirate points just to make her upset and next thing i know my account is banned for a year. They better kick this Game Moderators out before they loose more players who is actually supporting this game.

    Gameforge. WAKE THE *snip* UP!!

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  • Is there any else... GIVE ME A GOOD REASONNNN FOR THIS *snip* BANNNN already submitted the report...


    whereii acc. is my sister... and ask him to raid the MULTI of NRIP.. 55:100... 79:10.... 75:75... 2:54 that is his only job and raid NRIP acc. because i always make a report that NRIP make SO MUCH multi and MASS multi but never got action from the *snip* game... Now they ban me for this *snip* 2 acc. multi... :shh:

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  • I want to let the Whole Server Know why did my acc. was ban? and NRIP of RIP alliance who has the :shh: all Multi acc. and mentioned in top post was not ban and ME just 2 acc. and NEVER did get benefit from that acc. was ban...

    GIVE ME A PROPER REASON FOR THISSSSSS.... I NEVER BENEFIT FROM WHEREII... I never RAID his pirate points NOR PILLAGE HIM.. and ALll you can do is ban... Quitting Ikariam For good

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  • Why Close i want the Server to Know why i am ban for this...

    Others have 11 acc. Donating there island and making the mill go UP like lvl 30 Oh my god... others Pillage the Multi use Proxy server just to attack and pillage it and benefit that multi....

    while me on the other side never make it DONATE the island Never i did Pillage it... Never did raid its piracy points.. and was ban for the reason of making 1 acc. and good thing 1 year ban... Really Nice ban...

    i will contact Gameforge about it.... inside jobs....

    While NRIP whom i REPORT SO MANY TIMESSSS ALREADY.. FOr making A SO DAMN ISLAND of MULTI and for PIRACY never did got ban... i always go and raid his island and GUESS WHAT... HE NEVER GOT BANNNNNNNNNNNN!!
  • multiasdasda.jpg OMG game.... Not even ban for making this such massive multi.. and ban the 2 acc. Quitting ikariam already.. Something FISHY about this... I will Make a report on Gameforge about this... I reported 20 times already.. No action been made... and instead the one reporting it got ban... WOWoweeeee
  • Nomercy has 11 Multi donating on same island and benefiting from it.. JOSH and Pepi has More multi acc... and Also Vmac has even More... then Why me just 2.... and never get benefit from it... It is *snip* ridiculous... this game is so ******************* hayssss

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