Land Army Composition

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  • Land Army Composition

    Help a brother out. :D

    I've read several comparisons already of steams and hops but unfortunately i still don't get it. Are hops really better than Steams? I've seen multiple CRs where they're 100% hops. Do players really prefer them over steams? What are the pros and cons to it? Thanks!
  • Just like Steam Rams vs Fire Ships, Steams and Hops each have their pros and cons.
    However the thing with land units is that the difference is a lot smaller, and the effort is sligtly higher. First of all Steams get obliterated by mortars, to the extend that there is no point using them if the opponent has mortars in. To add to this Steams are only usefull when waved. This is caused since there is no way of repairing Steams (opposite naval warfare), thus making them get worn out over the duration of a few rounds.

    To simplify. Steams are great when waved for every round and your opponent has rams on the battlefield. Since it's land warfare you gain next to nothing doing this and missing a wave is lethal, thus making people not do as such.
  • No, no they do not.
    Opposite warfare on land, naval warfare gives a large amount of gs per round, thus making these battles extremely important to play well in terms of declared war. When it comes to naval warfare Steam rams does the most damage by far but also losses you the most gs. The trick is to balance the amount of fireships you have in, in order to loose little to no Steam Rams. Often times this is done by waving in 36 fireships per round, but there is plenty more ways to do this. When it comes to this only experience will allow for you to decide the best possible composition for a round, be creative and don't be affraid to loose.
  • Personally I have a mix of both all the time. 400-500 sgs then 1000-2000 hops then remember to have plenty of swords.

    When attacking I like to start with enough hops to get me passed there wall and morts sending them with everything else. Then wave in and out sgs once the hops are starting to go down.

    This way you should only lose the initial 320 hops or whatever you send. After that maybe one or two sgs.

    But that’s more solo fighting. You have to be very organised to do it with multiple people. If you are going for long battles just have tons of hops. Normally with the bigger fights it’s about who has the most front line. Who runs out of swords first. Or who waves there balloons better.

    But for hops v sgs

    Rams are great for killing hops
    Cats are great for killing sgs
    Morts are great for killing walls

    Adjust accordingly to that. (If they have morts again I would put hops in) but if your waving then cats and morts won’t matter to much you will just lose a few more per round.

    If you want to message me in game I can go through what army you have and let you know what you could do with more or less on :)
  • The structure of a land army is a surprisingly deep problem and there is no one optimum solution. You need to consider the extent to which you will be waving, whether you will be waving by land or by sea (Steam Giants are a more efficient use of cargo space than Hoplites), how many Action Points are available, the status of the Town Wall, and so on.
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