Updating Research Time Tables

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    • Updating Research Time Tables

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      General Information:

      Our Current Research Time Table System only factors your current research points and the current research points per hour.
      Even if you have not researched the previous research field.

      Current System Computation: (please refer to the pictures)
      Letter Chute(144720 research points)
      Archiving(98000 research points)
      54800 Current research points
      508.44 Current research points per hour

      Time to Complete Letter Chute: (144720 - 54800) / 508.44 : 176.855 hours or 7 Days and 8 Hours
      Take note that the current system did not include the previous unresearched field

      What are you suggesting?

      To Update the Current System to be able to update the total time factoring out the previous unresearch field.

      Suggested System Computation: (using the pictures as example)

      Time to Complete Letter Chute: (144720 + 98000 - 54800) / 508.44 : 369.6 hours or 15 Days and 9.6 Hours

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

      It will affect the current system to be accurate and realistic, the suggestion will not change in the battle system in anyway.

      Suggestion Reason: Getting annoyed because the system is not correct in terms of computation of the time left

      Special Notes: English is not my first language please don't bash me about grammar mistakes D:
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