Another Achievments question

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  • Another Achievments question

    Hello again everyone.

    I noticed today the Defense Achievements has two barbarian sub categories : Barbarian Fighter and Barbarian Hunter.

    I've attacked a few villages recently and gained Barbarian Hunter level 2 and well on my way to lvl 3. ( Defeat level 29 barbarians. )

    But how do you gain any levels in Barbarian Fighter ?

    The level 1 requirement is 'Defeat level 1 barbarians.'

    I've been attacked by barbarians of higher levels several times , so its not that.

    I've won a few sea battles , so its not that either.

    Help ?(
  • I also had this question.
    If I remember correctly(it was only a month ago), I read in a thread that it is for the older version of the barbarians hence the max for that achievement is only level 15. They are significantly different and they decided to make 2 different achievements for them.
    In other words, it's impossible to get the old achievement.

    This is what I remember from my research. I hope it's right. If not, someone please correct me so I can get that achievement, too. :)
  • Searched for 'Barbarian FIghter' of the boards but did find your old question.
    Only been back a few months and did not know there was an older version of the barbarians.
    Thanks Josh.

    It would be shame if accurate. A whole branch I can't complete.
    Still have hope for the spartan one :)
    And we need a few more in total to get the 800 achievement goal.
    Anyone have suggestions ?