-W- is signing off!

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    • -W- is signing off!

      Hi fellas!

      This thread was destined to be produce either today or may be sometime later so why not we get done with it once and for all.
      Through this thread, I, Leader of W, here by announce the dismissal of the alliance. The alliance wont exist in the high scores from now on.

      -W- was made by me aka holy leader aka village idiot aka balls tied to a knot with my old time ally Steel. We both intended to gather old school players for a new server. As the server went on, we were successful in pouching some of the best players in the server. We were going good as a team with a lot of banter and fun stuff. It was never a game and we were never the gamers. We were a family knit together by the willingness to enjoy every bit of our time.

      -W- had its time in wars and piracy as well. We were the alliance which was fighting more than one alliance(each was stronger than W) from the start though the real kick off was with o_o. It was short but great experience with fine fighters. Those days kept our inbox busy.

      -W- had all the potential to own Hades but time had something else planned for us. The tides have changed and the tables have been turned. Because of busy lives, our members started fading away one by one and the server kept on growing darker and silent. The alliance started shrinking and the inboxes started dying. So, with much thought we have decided to end this alliance with the respect it deserves instead of letting it dies slowly and quietly.

      I hereby thanks everyone who preferred to stick with us specially Zinzar, Indra, Hakuna, Icxx, Steel, Vernon, Shlexy, No Mercy and Kiezer. Thank you to all the non allied friend as well.

      With the demise of this great alliance, I also end my career spanning over more than 7 years of time. It was a great time to live in and ikariam was more than a game for me. All the members/friends here made everyday of my life special and made me wait for the next day with great enthusiasm. I have many real life issues because of which now I sadly cant continue.
      Thank you to every friend who made me laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a little brighter.

      No hard feelings!

      Good bye!
      Leader of UE Psi Retired Undefeated

      Leader of ELITE Apollon Retired Undefeated

      Former member of N-F but now in TMM, Rho.

      Member and sometimes Saxy General of _UE_, Demeters

      Allianceless in Pi.

      BLACK in Gaia.

      Leader of -W- in Hades

      Democratically Elected Chairman of Men Power Council (MPC) in spam section.

      The shit has sailed already!